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Wait…No Art?

Ever find the perfect picture frame, but no art to put in it? Usually it’s the other way around – you have the perfect piece of art, but have no framing ideas! But sometimes, the frame itself can be the art – no image needed!

With a fun paint color or patterned wallpaper, an arrangement of empty frames on your wall can be a unique focal point for a room. You can choose simple thrift store or flea market frames and give them new life with a matching coat of paint, or you can head to your local craft or framing store to purchase a set of frames to create your display. Arrange large frames with small ones, small frames inside large frames, or a group a series of small frames together to create your display.

empty-frames-wall-decor-flowers resized

Who says art has to be… well, art?? Turn your favorite frames into a unique display for your personal space.

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